Thursday, January 8, 2009

Raw Material

Book.V.02 - 2.24.06
The constant circulation of people,
information, raw materials and manufactured goods
from every point on the globe to every other
International conglomerates operate domestically, with their incredible police apparatuses.
Dreams of grandeur awaken;
elicited from the marrow of their material structure
an instance of the deconstruction of Maya:
the root causes of warfare lie there.
[This] is not a minor point.
Those who want to protect the entire edifice
Clamor for level-playing fields, for revenue growth and relief from social responsibility
contributes to the ambient noise,
the primary subject of our public debates.
Where do you draw the line between things?
It involves the meaning field of a search for something.
Not to dig up old bones, [but]
only war lies ahead.
Is it so wrong to pine for luxurious things?
Do you have Chinese friends?
There are many Chinese things.
You may sell the things they need to Chinese
Through instant messaging, chatrooms, live webcam shows
and your very own private mailbox, you can get to know others in the blink of an eye!
I'm not saying here that there are not many problems with
Translation --there are-- but it generally isn't so bad that every sentence must be doubted.
The general gesture of these sentences is one of thought moving outward.
[You can also] meet a beautiful girl, who also has a bit of freak in her.

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