Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fusion Series #1614

Fusion Series #1614 - 4x5 inches - 2000 - Cecil Touchon

Among Old Papers

Book V #25 Tuesday, December 02, 2008 for Sadakichi Hartmann

There it lies among old papers, letters and curios;

a gray blurred image, [a] silvery glimmer,

things that are dead and lost to living eyes

looking at themselves in a mirror.

A room admitting blue light through colored window-panes.

Shining sorceries on which light plays

A frail encasement

and mirror-like

with black embossed paper.

The intricate patterning of such

substance seems to vanish.

A moment in vague and wistful thought.

The temptation to open it and glance at it.

The short duration of its sway

becoming more and more of a rarity.

it does not seem to be necessary to have known

the simplest imaginable

imprisoned by the inquisition.

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