Thursday, January 8, 2009

In the Shadow, in the Seclusion

Book V #18 - Monday, January 07, 2008

I lived in the shadow,

in the seclusion

by a smoky, dark danger

with flags and outcries

amidst countless words,

a concurrence of accidents.

I happen suddenly,

I occasionally grasp the

ever-glowing blaze

under this arch

where the marvelous is born.

Leaning out from the wakefulness

in some corner of the universe,

[I] abruptly imagine the abyss [and]

have not the least fear.

What one thinks, exists.

Dream without sleeping

Of great mysteries, assembled and ordered,

already forgetful [that]

An idea once formed itself,

with it, a universe of determinations.

Where the wind wanders,

the barking dogs,

the shadow, the silence,

and your clear eyes,

eyes of all women.

The stone falling.

Mirrors, crying out

Unlimited [crys] by the ocean

with every breath,

nothing from nothing.

Paint-peeled plaster figurine:

a great poetic unity.

[My shadow.]

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