Sunday, October 2, 2011

Move to Colorado

At the beginning of July we decided to move back to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We used to live here from 1993-98. By the end of July we had the house ready to sell, by Sept we sold it and were able to move into a wonderful home by Sept 15th. Now we are in the process of unpacking. Moving the household, studio and museum is quite a complicated and arduous task. But I believe it will be worth it. Pagosa Springs, while somewhat remote, is an amazingly beautiful place. It has been able to remain a small town because of its remoteness being 4 hours from the closest major airport. The township has a population of about 2,000 full time residents with a swell in population during the Summer and early Fall months because of people who have summer homes or resort timeshares here but otherwise live in a distant city. Below are a few photos from the back door...

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