Saturday, October 29, 2011

A commissioned work by Cecil Touchon in the Lobby of 1212 Fifth Ave in NYC

Janet Jones sent me this Wall Street Journal ad containing an image of one of my paintings in the lobby of 1212 Fifth Ave -
This painting was commissioned through Sears Peyton Gallery earlier this year.


harold hollingsworth said...

wonderful work Cecil! Looks stunning!

SinclairScripa/TaraVerheide said...

Dr Alphabet,
MAY YOU PRoFIT LARGE FROM THESE WORKS SO AS TO fund the FlumMuseum and FluxUniversity thereby, and contribute your verse to Uni... the only, the lonely. Really... i complement you as the Patrona worhy of the job of matrona... the AlphaMother perhaps.
All in fun and reverence,
Tara Verheide

Cecil Touchon said...

Thanks Harold! Glad you like it!

Cecil Touchon said...

Thanks Tara!