Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Listening with the Eye - An Asemic Notebook - Volume 2

Volume 2 in a new series of books on asemic writing, Listening with the Eye: An Asemic Notebook is NOW AVAILABLE HERE
and soon available on Amazon, Barns and Noble, and anywhere fine books are sold.

These works might be called automatic writing or visual writing or asemic writing. There is no intention to tell a story or to use any recognizable language or symbols. Rather the works function freely with intuition rather than thought, allowing the hand to just do what the hand does; make marks. There is a kind of visual vocabulary however, such as letter-like marks, punctuation-like marks such as chevrons, commas, accents, dashes and dots, the organization for the most part is in lines of markings to suggest a reading of progression. Some are lyrical and look almost like what a visual music score might look like. I experimented with different rhythmic motions, different ways of holding the tool, sometimes in silence and at other times while listening to music.

Sample pages from this volume...

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