Monday, December 9, 2019

Listening with the Eye - An Asemic Notebook - Volume 3

Volume 3 in a new series of books on asemic writing, Listening with the Eye: An Asemic Notebook is NOW AVAILABLE HERE
and soon available on Amazon, Barns and Noble, and anywhere fine books are sold.

This is volume three in a set of asemic notebooks. Like volume one, these poems or texts or drawings depending on how you think about them were all made with an ink marker on 6x4 inch smooth, glossy photographic paper. My idea was to have the works function as if they were plates of texts in a book so that the image would appear without a visible background. In this way the writing or text uses the page itself as background in the typical way that print functions in a book.
These works might be called automatic writing or visual writing or asemic writing. There is no intention to tell a story or to use any recognizable language or symbols. Rather the works function in free flow with intuition rather than thought, allowing the hand to just do what the hand does; make marks.
I prefer a more improvisational approach as if I am playing an instrument that records in marks what might otherwise be heard as notes of music. This is the natural realm of the arts; to work in a state of mindfulness or meditation

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