Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cecil Touchon Art in The Big Wedding

I have at least one work of art in this movie that comes out in April of 2013
The Big Wedding:  A long-divorced couple fakes being married as their family unites for a wedding.
Director: Justin Zackham 
Cast:Robert De Niro, Amanda Seyfried, Katherine Heigl, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace,
Diane Keaton, Ben Barnes, Marc Blucas, Greg Paul, Christa Campbell, David Rasche, Christine Ebersole
Kyle Bornheimer, Edmund Lyndeck 
The following work can be seen in the trailer...

Cecil Touchon
fs2907ct10, 2010 30 x 22 inch paper 18 x 12 inch image

Cecil Touchon in the Movie "I Don't Know How She Does It"

Movie Scenes from: I Don't Know How She Does It (2011)
A comedy centered on the life of Kate Reddy, a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two kids.
 cecil touchon - fusion series #2104 2005
  Fusion Series #2104 - 2005 - collage - 9x6 inches

 FS2495CT08 - collage on paper - 9x6 inches

 the above image is a print of FS2133CT05 (below) changed to black and white. (the blue is a reflection on the glass)
 FS2133CT05 - collage on paper - 9x6 inches

FS2134CT05 - collage on paper - 9x6 inches

I was watching a movie on cable and, to my surprise, happened to see the above collages as a print in the movie. In fact there are  four different prints visible. 

Below: The works in the original layout at the NYC Hilton penthouse :

Douglas McGrath
Aline Brosh McKenna (screenplay), Allison Pearson (novel)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan and Kelsey Grammer

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Strange Glue New Collage Catalog

Here is the catalog from the Strange Glue Exhibition. I have a collage on page 30. I also contributed Fluxcase Micro Museum Box #3 for exhibition.
206 pages - full color - $49.00 also includes photos of the exhibition.