Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cecil Touchon Review by Peter Frank in the Huffington Post

Cecil Touchon is a deft collagist, not least for working as large as he does. Collage is traditionally an intimate activity; if it has a typographical basis, in particular, we expect it to conform to the printed (or handwritten) page. But Touchon's typographical source must be the billboard, as he is wont to compose his rhythmic typeface geometries on the scale of easel paintings, and larger. Beyond that, Touchon's accomplishment is remarkable for its variety. His collages are limited in color and, yes, typeface, one color for the type and one color (more often than not a shade of white) as ground. Touchon even regulates the rhythmic recurrence of segments, working off grids with an almost musical sense of syncopation. His works thus set up a continuous visual chatter, pleasant at worst and at best exhilarating, and almost comical in its rigorous self-restraint. (Nüart, 670 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe; closed.
- Peter Frank 

Cecil Touchon Review by Peter Frank in the Huffington Post

CECIL TOUCHON, post dogmatist painting no.529, 2012, Collage and acrylic on canvas, 72 x 48 inches


Jo Murray said...

Excellent review Cecil... well deserved.

fortywinks32 said...

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