Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cecil Touchon art in the Twilight Saga Movie "Breaking Dawn"

 Post Dogmatist Painting #326 - 2007 - 40x30 inches - Acrylic on Canvas
 Post Dogmatist Painting #327 - 2007 - 40x30 inches - Acrylic on Canvas
In our little town there is only one theater that plays one movie per week, The Liberty Theater as been in this town since 1919. This week's movie is Breaking Dawn. I had heard that I would have some art on the set of the movie Breaking Dawn so I took my daughter Noor-un-Nisa to see the movie this evening. I wasn't sure what art of mine was used so I kept my eyes pealed. You never know what scenes are going to make it past the editing room so I wasn't even sure I would be able to see it. About midway through the movie however the two paintings above have a nice little cameo (at aprox 1h.17m into the movie).
Before the movie started there was a trailer for another movie called "Man on a Ledge" which, interestingly I also have art featured in. You can see one painting: Post-Dogmatist Painting #475 in the trailer very briefly. I snagged these stills off of Jamie Bell's website:

 Post Dogmatist Painting #475 - 2010 - 36x36 inches - Acrylic on Canvas
This looks like it is going to be a great movie.


Jann Gougeon said...

I saw the Twilight movie today and recognized your painting! I am a fan of your work.

13moons said...

Very nice. Congratulations. Was your daughter impressed?