Friday, September 9, 2011

Figures of Speech

This morning I was thinking about John M. Bennett to whom I need to send some collage material so that he can make a collage that looks like one of his poems that reminds me of figures.  I then thought it would be very nice to do an exhibition called Figures of Speech where poets send a work of visual poetry that used a figure of some sort as the form of the poem, not unlike John's poems. Then I was thinking about him telling me about how he used to play with language as a child, repeating the same things over and over to listen to and think about the sounds of words. I was thinking this was probably his response to being confronted with living in Japan as a child. As I was thinking about John's childhood word play I started repeating the word 'speech' and thinking about it; about the sound of it and what, by the sound it might be related to...

speech spicket
spit speech
peach pit
speech spoken
spokes of speech
spunky spitting
pitting peaches
reaching for speech
speaking spackle

pickle crackle
crumble cheese
speak with ease
bumble bee's
need of knees
speaking spoken
fingers broken
speaking lotion

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